Copper Mining In Zambia

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Zambia has hosted copper mining for over 150 years; it is now the major export of the country.   The major mining houses also process the copper ore to ‘blister copper’ and ‘cathode copper’ which is normally exported from Durban.

Over recent years with the privatization of the main copper mines and processors production has increased dramatically with the building of major new plants and the refurbishment and extension of existing works by foreign companies bringing in new investment. The early copper finds were along The Copper Belt running near the border with DR Congo from Kabwe and Kitwe.   This gradually extended to Solwezi and then turned westward to follow the DR Congo and Angolan borders.

 Investment Opportunities.

There are, however, many areas where the deposits are not of a size to attract the majors but still have significant deposits of copper ore with high copper values that can be mined with smaller scale machinery.   These projects can prove to be very profitable investments.

Invicta Venture Capital has made a specialty of researching the best opportunities and can now offer a number of investments requiring from $250,000 to $1 million that will pay back between 9 months to 18 months. Invicta also offers management teams to run the mine and realize the investment potential.

An investor may take the opportunity to go beyond a single mine and link together two or three mines geographically with processing facilities to produce ‘blister copper’ which has a ready market within Zambia and for export.   There are 5 or 6 areas that are particularly suitable for this type of development where Invicta is able to introduce licenses that can be purchased where mining can be undertaken.

 Further details can be obtained from Invicta Venture Capital.

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