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Unique Mineral: How To Profit By Investing In Rwanda


You may not have heard of coltan, but you have it in your cell phone, laptops, computers, DVD players, and other electronic devices. Coltan contains the metal, TANTALUM, which is commonly used in many of these high-tech devices. Its value shows the importance of having it — in order for people like us to have everyday communications.

Therefore, this project is to take place in Rwanda, where we will acquire a license for 121 hectares of prospective Coltan. The site has artisanal mining and has already been undertaken for some years. We will mechanize and mine intensively before adding further mines to produce a multi-million dollar earning group.

Key Location:

The mining license covers a 121.56 hectare area and is located some 60 Kms north of Kigali, the Rwandan capital.


According to ABC News and CCTV China, “Rwanda is the cleanest and safest country in Africa” by far. It also has an 8% average year-on-year GDP growth, stable inflation, and exchange rate. This is solely because of its sound macroeconomic management and robust fiscal discipline.

President Kagame has a positive vision for the country’s growth and is doing whatever it takes to meet its goals. Hence, the political stability and well-functioning institutions – both of which help create zero tolerance for corrupt practices.

Impressive and detailed mineral explorations can be carried out in the recently identified Prospective Target Areas (PTAs) to delineate and quantify their mineral resources. In fact, the government of Rwanda has even invested in this industry just to generate good primary geology data. This information will be used by mineral exploration companies.


According to a report released by Global Business Reports, titled Mining in Africa Country Investment Guide 2014, Rwanda has been named among the 20 most exciting mineral jurisdictions on the continent.  That’s why we’ve chosen Rwanda for Coltan exploration.

Major minerals currently being mined and traded in Rwanda are casseterite (tin), Coltan (niobo-tantalite), Wolframite (tungsten),beryl, amblygonite, monazite, and gold.

When refined, coltan becomes metallic tantalum, a heat-resistant powder that can hold a high electrical charge. These properties make it a vital element in creating capacitors, the electronic elements that control current flow inside miniature circuit boards.

The metal found in coltan, called TANTALUM, is great for capacitors and is commonly used in almost every electronic device you can think of. Many technology companies, including brands like Apple,Sony and Samsung, are creating great demand for this particular hard-to-find mineral.


Modern technology is needed to upgrade the sector to a semi-mechanized, industrial level. Current production in the area is relatively low compared to the proven potential. Equipment including drillers, bulldozers, gravity table shakers, etc. are required for full and effective operations.

As stated above, the government of Rwanda is showing favorable decisions and laws for ripe investments. Most international bodies see the country as peaceful, with no discernible threat to the masses, or to foreign investors.

The licensed area is set in verdant countryside of rolling hills and small streams. Because of the high value of the Coltan ore, it is only removed from the site in small amounts (200-300 tons a year maximum) thus leaving a minimum disturbance and replacement costs at the end of the mining process.


In summary this is an opportunity to enter a market at an early stage where demand is high and is expected to increase using the product in a widening range of products. The mining process is open pit and very straightforward. Problems are security on site and in transit as the volumes are quite valuable. However, these problems are manageable and can be overcome.

There’s also no denying the value of coltan, and more particularly, TANTALUM. It’s used by almost everybody — in mobile phones, electric cars and a wide array of consumer electronic devices. It’s even used in optical and medical equipment.

As more companies get on board, with new technologies emerging and producing new devices, demand will grow.

There is currently no ready substitute. Coltan’s unique ability to hold and move electrical signals, and its conductive ability in extreme temperatures, makes it ideal for many other companies. Security analysts even consider it a strategic mineral.

Invest in our site in Rwanda, and expect soaring global demand, and tons of profits, all spearheaded by the electronics industry.


If you want to partake in this partnership, and amazing opportunity, do not hesitate to contact us. We will provide you with a complete business plan. These documents will include more valuable and in-depth information so that you can make a more full decision when it comes time. We are gauging a lot of interested prospects already though so please get in touch with us soon.

We appreciate your time and hope to hear from you soon!

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