Peter Davy

About Us

  • The Strategy

    We invest in High Growth/Low Risk industries in politically stable and vibrant economies such as Zambia, Botswana, Namibia and Rwanda.

    We add not only much-needed capital but we also bring world-class business models that increase the efficiency and profitability to the companies that we partner with.

  • The Problem

    The biggest problem for the average African SME is the lack of funding. Because of the relatively young banking sector, it is very hard for an entrepreneur without their own personal assets to secure a business loan.

  • The Solution

    Through our various local business partners, we carry out an extensive due diligence on each project we receive, after which we create an investment which is tailored to the needs of our international investors.

    We create specific partnerships for our investments clients based on their unique requirements.

    Our sectors of interest include Mining, Agriculture, Technology, Manufacturing and Tourism.

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